Sochi 2014

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In a beautiful southern city of Russia will be the Olympic Games Sochi 2014. This is the most important event in world sport, for us, especially since it’s home games.Attracting the best talent from our country and foreign colleagues paid off. Were designed and built the magnificent sports facilities for Sochi.

Sochi 2014

Location Sochi brings flavor of games, because it is located near the Black Sea.Never mountain snow and sand on the beach were not so close. Sochi 2014 opens a new chapter in Russian history and sports in the world. Preparing is carried out simultaneously in all directions.

This special event and Russia will do everything to remember this game forever. Sochi 2014 gives the world new champions of Russia and other countries. Athletes and his coaches appeared prohibitive motivation to win at the Sochi. For many of them is the main event in the life, because behind them years of hard training, the sweet victories and embarrassing defeats. Sochi will please us the victories of athletes from which children will take an example and it is wonderful! We can see live as victorious in a bitter struggle the strongest athletes of the world that have something to learn. Welcome to Sochi 2014!

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